When I was a child I thought everything was possible, I guess when you’re  still at that age you do not feel the pressures of life because our parents are there to catch us when we fall. There is a phase that man kind is not aware of, this phase is known as the “I CAN NOT PHASE” and this phase is the most frustrating phase in any human beings life. Do you know how this phase came about? Well the good news is that we are not born with this mentality. Sometimes people grow up thinking that they can’t do certain things because they fear that if they try they will not succeed. As a society we often fail to believe in ourselves we sometimes choose to not think for ourselves which causes us to be weak. It is important that we believe that we can even when society tells us that we can not. It is important to know your self, that will give you the strength and confidence to achieve anything that you set out to achieve in life and to say YES I CAN.Confident-Mindset


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